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Expectations & Agreement, LLC pays via check or ACH, on completed files, on the 25th, monthly. If the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday payments are processed the next business day (example: files completed in June will be paid by the 25th of July ). Once your application is approved, you will be advised to add your fees and coverage areas. Adding your fees is the key to getting you into the selection pool. If you are interested in negotiating fees based on volume to ensure work, please email us to inquire. If you do not receive work, we may also be still growing in your state and want to be ready and/or we may not have significant volume in your coverage area yet. If you do not receive work, please reach out to to learn more., LLC operates via our proprietary production platform and marketplace that was designed with our vendor partners' ease and convenience in mind. I confirm that I am willing and able to follow's production and workflow protocols or I will discuss another avenue in order to receive work. I will accept orders within 2 hours to avoid delaying files, via my email notification or by logging into my portal and clicking the accept box. I will communicate early and often and always come back with details for issues and fee/upgrade approval, as needed. I will respond to status requests and issues/questions in a reasonable time frame. If I have questions about anything I will ask inside the order or at